The Rough Economic Climate makes it Hard for New York Businesses to Survive

New York’s skyrocketing business taxes are taking a toll on our state’s ability to compete in today’s global economy. That’s why we’re losing business and jobs. Nationally, New York ranks nearly last when it comes to having a friendly business environment.

And things just got worse because the Assembly Majority passed a bloated state budget which increases taxes on businesses and homeowners alike.

Leader Jim Tedisco & the Assembly Minority Conference are working to keep jobs & businesses in New York

From Long Island to Buffalo, our plan will help create and retain jobs while strengthening the economic climate for businesses.

  • Standing Up for Small Businesses: cutting bureaucratic red tape, assisting downtown revitalization and cutting taxes.

  • Creating a Stronger Workforce for Better Paying Jobs: job re-training and educational programs, helping to create a better workforce to meet the demands of today’s tech-based economy.

  • Lowering Costs for Businesses: cutting the cost of healthcare for employers, while raising the quality for employees; increasing state programs to help market products; and giving businesses the power needed to grow.

  • Helping Manufacturers: tax credits for creating new jobs, cutting the Corporate Franchise Tax, and stopping the hikes in transportation costs across our state.

To learn more about the Assembly Minority Conference’s plan to put New York Back in Business, please clip and return the card below.

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