Property Tax Relief... The Final Frontier.
Leader Tedisco and the Assembly Minority Conference are on a mission to bring new life to tax relief. To boldly go where the Assembly Majority has refused to go before.

Instead of letting property tax relief disappear into a black hole, Leader Jim Tedisco and the Assembly Minority Conference introduced:

The New York State Property Taxpayer Protection Act

An idea supported by:

  • 74 percent of New Yorkers*

  • The State Commission on Property Tax Relief

  • The Governor

  • Over 70 local governments

The Assembly Majority refuses to bring this important tax relief to a vote!
* Siena Research Institute, June 16, 2008
We need your support! Join us in asking Sheldon Silver to call the Assembly back into session and put property tax relief on the agenda so that we can finally deliver the tax relief that hardworking New Yorkers need. Support property tax relief by e-mailing the Assembly Minority Conference at .
We are ready! Let’s get back to work!