First, the Assembly Majority ignored tax relief at the pump.

Now, they are pulling the plug on reducing your home heating costs this winter.


While the Assembly Majority was giving tax breaks to Hollywood, Leader Jim Tedisco and the Assembly Minority Conference were hard at work for New Yorkers, developing and introducing legislation to cut taxes on energy – both at the pump and at home.

The Assembly Minority Energy Tax Relief Plan:
    Leader Jim Tedisco and the Assembly Minority Conference
    Change You Can Count On

    NYS Assembly Minority
    933 LOB • Albany, NY 12248
    (518) 455-3751
  • Senior Heat Tax Rebate (A.5353-A): Creates a $200 “Heat Tax Rebate” to help seniors afford the cost of heating their homes;
  • Reducing Home Heating Costs (Proposal): Provides a Personal Income Tax credit for taxpayers whose home heating costs exceed 5 percent of their New York Adjusted Gross Income;
  • Residential Petroleum Tank Credit (A.6270): Provides a $500 tax credit for the cost of removing an old tank and installing a new one;
  • Energy-Efficient Improvements (A.6603): Provides a tax credit of 25 percent, or up to $2,500, to offset the cost of energy-efficient improvements to a residence;
  • Sales Tax Exemption for Alternative Fuels (A.5465): Exempts the state sales tax on alternative fuels used for home heating purposes, including, but not limited to, wood pellets, corn and ethanol; and
  • Reduce Taxes on Motor Fuels By Half (A.9211): Reduces the Petroleum Business Tax by fifty percent and reduces the sales tax from 8 cents per gallon to 4 cents per gallon.