Do you want this to be the last vehicle
you drive in New York?

The Wall Street Journal

"An old adage says high taxes don’t redistribute income, they redistribute people...A record eight million Americans - some 20,000 people every day - relocated to another state last year…Americans are continuing to flee the Northeast and Midwest, while the leading destinations continue to be Southern and Western states."

- February 12, 2008

With taxes so high, people can’t afford to live here
and are leaving by the van-full!

Unfortunately, for some families, it is easier to move away than to pay their taxes. That isn’t right.

Leader Jim Tedisco and the Assembly Minority Conference are fighting back so we can afford to live here.

We need to lessen the burden on hardworking families and give them some real relief.
Leader Tedisco and the Assembly Minority Conference are fighting to:
check mark Cap property taxes
check mark Increase education aid
check mark Cut taxes to stimulate the economy and create more jobs
check mark Make healthcare affordable by promoting preventative care
check mark Lower the gas tax
We are ready to get back to work. Join us in calling on the Assembly Speaker to bring the house back to Albany so we can address these vital measures.
Contact the Assembly Minority Conference:
933 Legislative Office Building • Albany, NY 12248
(518) 455-3751   •