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February 27, 2002
Statement by Speaker Sheldon Silver at Announcement of West Street Reconstruction, Temporary Pedestrian Bridge And Wall Street Rising Do It Downtown Discount Card Program

The terrible events of September 11 touched the lives and hearts of people everywhere - across the United States and around the world - but none were more impacted than the people, like me, who live and work in Lower Manhattan.

Our announcement today is a reminder to everyone - and especially to the people of Lower Manhattan - that we will rebuild. The vibrant residential community here - which we worked hard to build - will continue to be a great place for New Yorkers to make their homes. The many businesses that are located here will survive and thrive.

Reconstructing West Street and building a temporary pedestrian bridge over the roadway near Rector Street will make a huge difference in the everyday lives of my constituents and those who work in Battery Park City.

The new roadway will make it possible for the Transit Authority to provide better bus transportation to Battery Park City - especially the southern end. The pedestrian bridge will make it easier for those who live and work in Battery Park City to get to subways and businesses in Lower Manhattan.

These projects stand as examples of how government can work with the people of Lower Manhattan to understand and address their needs at this difficult time. I am confident that we will call upon the same cooperative spirit to address the many important issues in the area that are still unresolved.

There are many individuals who are helping to bring about the resurgence of Lower Manhattan. It is an honor and a pleasure to talk about one such individual today - Julie Menin.

A resident and business owner in Lower Manhattan, Julie outlined the Do It Downtown Discount Card program at an Assembly hearing in December regarding the effects of September 11th on downtown businesses. We knew right away that it was a terrific idea.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage workers, residents and tourists to visit Lower Manhattan and to support our commercial establishments, and to remind everyone that, thanks to Julie Menin, Wall Street Rising and the Do It Downtown Discount Card, they can save money while doing so.

Creating incentives to bring people back to Lower Manhattan, reopening a vital roadway, building a pedestrian bridge - all of these efforts will help to strengthen, stabilize and revitalize Lower Manhattan.

The Assembly will continue to work with Governor Pataki, Mayor Bloomberg and our elected officials in Washington - and with the people of Lower Manhattan - to ensure that we address the needs of all whose lives and livelihoods were effected by the 9/11 tragedy.


New York State Assembly
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