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April 9, 2002
Silver Wins Changes for Lower Manhattan Residents in LMDC Assistance Program

Improvements advocated by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver have been incorporated into the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) assistance plan for current and prospective residents adopted by the LMDC board of directors today.

"The changes to the LMDC plan respond to several of my concerns with the board's original proposal by acknowledging the enormous hardships and challenges faced by all of us who make our homes in Lower Manhattan. These revisions are also a recognition that the stabilization and revitalization of Lower Manhattan's residential communities must be a priority," Silver said.

The revised LMDC Assistance Plan for Individuals includes the creation of a third impact zone in which residents would be eligible for grants. The expanded area encompasses Chinatown, Little Italy and other parts of the Lower East Side, which Silver had specifically called on the LMDC to include.

Under the revised plan, residents who were forced to relocate permanently from their homes but chose to stay within Lower Manhattan will still qualify for the same bonus grant as those who resided in the impact zones on September 11 and continue to reside there. Silver had pointed out that, under the original plan, such residents would not be eligible for the bonus grant.

"The LMDC has listened to our concerns and used the public comment period to strengthen the plan," Silver added. "Because residents are facing circumstances that are changing and evolving every day, it is important for the plan to remain adaptable so that future needs can be effectively addressed."

Significant changes to the plan were approved by the LMDC board of directors today, including:

  • Provision of one-time grants to families with children residing in the immediate or secondary impact zones;

  • Expansion of the geographic boundaries of the immediate impact zone to Nassau Street south to the East River via Broad Street;

  • Protection from increases in rent in response to the grants and subsidies provided through the Assistance Plan for Individuals.

Silver is a life-long resident of Lower Manhattan, and his legislative district includes the World Trade Center site and the downtown financial district. His office is located a few blocks from ground zero.

The $220 million Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC) Assistance Plan for Individuals is supported with federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds. Details on the complete plan can be found at

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