NYS Seal For Immediate Release:
May 4, 2005


Statement On Pataki Announcement
That Freedom Tower Needs To Be Redesigned

It is both troubling and unfortunate that it has taken mounting public pressure, the result of months of inaction and delay by Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg for them to get together and announce that the Freedom Tower needs to be redesigned. In fact, the security concerns they cite are not new revelations, but rather concerns that have been expressed by the Police Department for quite some time.

The lack of coordination and cooperation by the governor and mayor has cost us months of delay and resulted in the decision by Goldman Sachs to consider other locations for their headquarters.

What is needed now is what has been needed and lacking over the past three years - real leadership. The Lower Manhattan community, and indeed all of New York City and New York State, are frustrated by the lack of rebuilding progress. It is critical for these two administrations to, once and for all, step up to the plate and reset their priority to rebuilding Lower Manhattan.

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