NYS Seal For Immediate Release:
May 12, 2005


Statement On Pataki's Lower Manhattan Speech

I am always hopeful of any sign that the Lower Manhattan community will finally receive the kind of leadership and assistance we have been repeatedly promised. But after years of delay and disappointment, planning and announcements must produce results.

We in the Lower Manhattan community are and have been searching for tangible signs of action and commitment that our economy and our neighborhoods will be renewed and rebuilt. Now, after nearly four years of patriotic platitudes and speeches that had committed to 'make Lower Manhattan better and stronger than before,' we continue to look for true leadership and concrete results.

Today, I join with the men and women, the families, the business owners and shopkeepers, those who live, go to school and work in Lower Manhattan in urging action. We join together in a call for the experienced leadership that will achieve the goals of rebuilding Lower Manhattan, and moving forward from the acts of terrorist hatred to a brighter, better future for our community, our state and our nation.