NYS Seal For Immediate Release:
May 23, 2005


Statement On Budget Reform Override

The Assembly's vote to override the governor's veto of budget reform legislation brings New York State one step closer to improving a process that has been deemed "broken" by a growing number of New Yorkers. With today's action, the budget reform constitutional amendment set to be on the November ballot will have the necessary state law to implement it.

This bipartisan budget reform plan, supported by Common Cause, the League of Women Voters and the New York Public Interest Research Group, would establish a contingency budget safeguard and an independent budget office.

It would take the guesswork out of school district budgeting by instituting two-year appropriations for state school aid and provide for greater transparency and public input. Additionally, the plan changes the beginning of the fiscal year from April 1 to May 1, to allow for better revenue estimates, requires long-range fiscal planning and creates a reserve fund to cushion against economic downturns.