Transcript: The Remarks Of Speaker Sheldon Silver - PACB Decision Press Conference

Audio Excerpt 1
Ask the Governor, ask the Mayor, how can they justify building 24 million square feet of commercial office space on the West Side of Manhattan. How do they justify extensive incentives they are providing to attract there ... businesses in competition with the attempt to attract them in Lower Manhattan. Developing the West Side and ignoring Lower Manhattan: that's what this PACB vote is really about.

Audio Excerpt 2
The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are being used as a shield to hide another goal: to shift the financial and business capital of the world out of Lower Manhattan and over to the West Side.

Audio Excerpt 3
Considering our constitutional obligation to provide each and every child with a sound, basic education, our moral obligation to rebuild and revitalize Lower Manhattan, and our public obligation to provide a safe, affordable and efficient mass transit system, I cannot in good conscience cast my vote in support of the proposal before us today.