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The Remarks of Speaker Sheldon Silver

Goldman Sachs Groundbreaking

Battery Park City
Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Chairman Paulson. Governor Pataki. Mayor Bloomberg. Senator Bruno. Chairman Gill. Bill Rudin. Robert Douglass. Distinguished Guests.

It is extraordinary when you stop and think about it.

One hundred and thirty-six years ago, in a single-room office on Pine Street, a seedling financial house sunk its roots in the fertile commercial ground of Lower Manhattan.

Firmly anchored here, Goldman would reap a bountiful harvest and spread its branches around the world; contributing significantly to Downtown's emergence as the financial and business capital of the world.

In war times and peace times, in cycles of decline and cycles of growth, the marriage of Goldman Sachs and Lower Manhattan has endured.

With the breaking of this ground here in Battery Park City, the writing of the next chapter in the story of the partnership between a remarkable corporation and a remarkable city begins.

Come 2096 - the 200th anniversary of Goldman Sachs - hopefully a time of global peace - our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will recall how a great corporate citizen honored its roots, stood firmly against terrorism, and helped carry its wounded and struggling partner to new heights of growth, prosperity and security.

Hank, again, speaking for all of Lower Manhattan, I thank you and the entire Goldman Group for your leadership and for this hopeful day.

You have sent a loud and clear message to the business world that Lower Manhattan is still the place to be and to grow.

This is the kind of message we need to send as a united front. The message that working together as New Yorkers, we will recapture and enhance Lower Manhattan's stature as the financial and business capital of the world.

I look forward to the day when I join you at the opening of your new headquarters here in Battery Park City.

Thank you.

New York State Assembly
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