NYS Seal For Immediate Release:
June 23, 2006


Assembly Passes Bill Prohibiting
Admission Fees At World Trade Center Memorial

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver today announced the Assembly has given final legislative passage of a bill that would prohibit admission fees at the World Trade Center memorial. The legislation coincides with an announcement of a budget agreement that will provide $57 million in state funding to the visitors' center and cultural program.

"The September 11 terrorist attack had a deep and profound impact on the lives of thousands of New Yorkers and our nation as a whole," said Silver. "It is wholly appropriate to ensure that families of those who lost loved ones and the public at large have full access to a memorial intended to honor and solemnly commemorate those who died on that day of national tragedy."

The legislation (A.12032) prohibits any type of admission fee for the World Trade Center memorial, museum and the visitor's center. In the event that any fee is imposed, all state funds provided to the projects would be forfeited and returned to the State of New York.

"The State of New York is making a significant commitment of public funds to the World Trade Center Memorial," said Silver. "With this funding comes an expectation that the memorial, visitors' center and museum will be fully accessible to all New Yorkers and all other visitors seeking to pay their respects to those who died, honor the heroes and forever remember what happened at that site and the spirit with which the nation responded."