NYS Seal For Immediate Release:
May 4, 2007


Statement On Con Edison Rate Hike Request

Con Edison's bold attempt to once again extract a blank check from ratepayers flies in the face of common logic. The mere act of asking for such an outrageous rate increase is particularly astonishing for a utility that has consistently demonstrated a lack of concern for its customers.

Last summer's Queens blackout demonstrated the inability of Con Ed to investigate power disruptions and ongoing distribution network problems. Additionally, they have yet to adequately demonstrate a commitment to public safety as evidenced by the multitude of electrified hotspots throughout New York City.

Furthermore, in light of the ongoing prudence investigation by the Public Service Commission into whether or not Con Ed handled last summer's Queens blackout appropriately, and the ensuing penalties that could be determined, it is inappropriate to move forward without resolution of the investigation.

Therefore, Assembly Energy Chair Paul Tonko will hold an in-depth public inquiry into Con Ed's rate hike proposal. The hearing will examine the impact of the hike on residential and commercial ratepayers and Con Ed's justification for the action.

Con Ed has put forth a plan that, if implemented, would have a tremendous negative impact on ratepayers. At no point should any increase be considered without Con Ed clearly articulating their plan to resolve the issues that have plagued their operations for years.