April 1, 2009

Silver Stresses Budget Support For Important State And Local Transportation Projects
$7.69 Billion in Transportation Programs Included in SFY 2009-2010 Spending Plan

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Assembly Ways and Means Committee Chair Herman D. Farrell, Jr. and Assembly Transportation Committee Chair David Gantt today announced that despite the global economic crisis, the SFY 2009-2010 budget maintains funding for crucial transportation priorities and infrastructure projects. The Assembly leaders fought hard to keep many projects while incorporating $4.74 billion from the federal stimulus package for various new shovel-ready projects across the state.

"The critical funding included in the 2009-2010 budget will help ensure that New York's transportation infrastructure is functioning at its full potential. Our federal economic stimulus dollars will be quickly used for necessary improvements to highways and bridges, while providing jobs for many in communities across the state. We worked hard to also make sure important projects remain funded to repair and maintain our transit systems," said Silver (D-Manhattan).

"At a time when we are seeing high unemployment rates it is important to fund projects that will keep our people working while investing in our state's infrastructure. This budget combined with our federal stimulus dollars will help to ensure that transportation and transit facilities throughout our state remain safe and reliable," said Farrell (D-Manhattan).

"New York residents rely on roadways, railways, transit and aviation systems and ensuring their safety and efficiency is a major priority in the Assembly Majority. The critical funding we secured will also help local governments in financing construction, reconstruction and much-needed improvements to local highways and bridges," said Gantt (D-Rochester).

Highlights of the transportation-related programs enacted in the SFY 2009-2010 budget include:

The budget also directs more than $4.74 billion in federal stimulus money to various transportation incentives across the state.