March 25, 2010

Silver And Farrell Announce Assembly Plan To
Consolidate State Agencies

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Ways and Means Committee Chair Herman D. Farrell, Jr. today announced a proposal for agency consolidation and shared services that would help save taxpayers over $30 million by merging certain state agencies. The Assembly plan includes consolidations included in the Executive Budget as well as additional measures.

"Last year the Assembly passed legislation allowing for the consolidation of local government entities to help save taxpayer dollars and reduce duplicative services," said Silver (D-Manhattan). "It is common sense that we would take steps to do the same on the state level. Combining agencies and merging services could potentially save millions in taxpayer dollars."

"This initiative would streamline agencies by combining those which perform similar functions and would also authorize the use of shared administrative services between a number of state agencies," said Farrell (D-Manhattan). "The nationwide recession has made it clear that state governments need to do all that they can to reduce costs and lessen the financial burden on taxpayers."

The proposal, which would take effect on January 1, 2011, would: The Assembly has also accepted the following Executive proposals, which would: Other actions taken by the Assembly in response to the Executive's proposal would: