May 18, 2010

Assembly Speaker Silver Introduces Bill To Extend Financial Relief For Hospitals, Charities And Other Non-Profits

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has introduced legislation that will provide vital financial relief to hospitals, schools, homeless shelters, daycare centers and other organizations that will help them carry out their important work.

The bill, A.11042, extends for an additional two years an exemption on certain water and sewer charges to which these institutions are entitled. The current law is set to expire in September.

"In this economic climate, it is imperative that we do all we can to make sure that these valuable organizations, which are serving our communities so well, do not face undue financial hardship," Silver said. "I am proud to take the lead in giving these groups the much-deserved help they need to continue their great work."

The organizations are not charged for the water and sewer services up to a value of $5,000 and pay only half the charges on water valued at less than $10,000.

"I hope this bill will be passed quickly in both houses and signed into law by the governor," Silver said. "These institutions are too important to allow this cost-saving measure to lapse."