The Remarks Of Speaker Sheldon Silver

Public Leaders Meetings

June 9, 2010 [11 a.m.]

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Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (right) states to Gov. David Paterson (left) and the other leaders of the Legislature, at this week\'s leaders meeting, the Assembly\'s willingness to address the difficult financial challenges facing the state and make cuts in order to reach a budget agreement.
Thank you, Governor.

To reiterate, this is not a normal year. This global financial crisis has created extraordinary challenges for state governments here and across our nation; challenges that require tough decisions and shared sacrifices.

Heeding the concerns expressed by New Yorkers across our state, we took action two weeks ago, to keep open our state parks and historic sites, and to finance the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF).

Two days ago, the Executive and the Legislature moved the budget process forward significantly by coming to an agreement that reduces health-care spending by $775 million.

This agreement mirrors many of the Assembly Majority's and the Senate Majority's health-cut plans as outlined in the Assembly budget and the Senate budget resolution. No, we did not get everything we wanted, but that is the essence of compromise and that is the only way we can move this budget forward.

So with the same commitment to compromise and to enacting a final budget, let us work together to address the other unresolved issues in the remaining program areas.

I and my Assembly Majority colleagues are ready to proceed in that fashion.