June 18, 2010

Assembly Approves Budget Legislation Continuing Commitment to
Public Protection
Legislation Helps New York Ensure Public Safety,
Funds Important Drug Treatment Initiatives

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Ways and Means Committee Chair Herman D. Farrell Jr. today announced the passage of budget legislation (A.9700) providing essential funding for initiatives that reduce crime and enhance public safety.

"Despite the impact of the economic downturn on New York State, it is essential that the budgetary decisions reflect our commitment to public protection and crime reduction," said Silver (D-Manhattan). "In this challenging economy, we remained committed to continuing to fund proven initiatives such as Rockefeller Drug Law reform. Additionally, this budget legislation provides millions of dollars to fund drug treatment and prevention programs that in turn will help the state further reduce its crime rate."

"One of our top priorities has been to keep New York one of the safest states in America. Funding public protection programs that keep our neighborhoods safe must remain intact even during a terrible financial downturn," said Farrell (D-Manhattan). "This budget legislation supports important initiatives to provide better safety services for our communities."

"This budget legislation prioritizes effective law enforcement programs that help to make New York a safer place," said Assembly Codes Committee Chair Joseph R. Lentol (D-Brooklyn). "The maintenance of funding for drug prevention and treatment programs are solid investments in public safety and the long-term well being of our communities."

"This year's budget establishes a new and independent Office of Indigent Legal Services to maintain our commitment to access to legal services for all," said Assembly Judiciary Committee Chair Helene E. Weinstein (D-Brooklyn). "While we faced many economic challenges, our budget makes important investments and tough choices that will save taxpayer dollars in the long run."

Public protection items included in SFY 2010-11 budget legislation include: