January 24, 2011

Assembly Passes Education Extender Legislation
Measure continues adult education programs, payment of library aid,
provisions for No Child Left Behind compliance

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Education Committee Chair Catherine Nolan announced the Assembly passed legislation today that will prevent several ongoing education programs from being disrupted.

The measure (A.2289) allows for the continuation of the Consortium for Worker Education's training and education programs and school bus driver safety training grants. It also renews the state's No Child Left Behind compliance provisions, ensuring that schools do not lose federal funding. The legislation also allows for payment of aid to public, school and research library systems, and extends the authority of the Commissioner of Education to grant waivers to public library systems and central libraries that cannot maintain local funding due to financial hardship.

The extenders passed today are traditionally included in the budget, but were vetoed by the governor in 2010 as part of the Education Labor Family Assistance Article VII bill.

"By passing this critical legislation, we are ensuring the continuance of current necessary education practices while complying with federal law requirements," said Silver (D-Manhattan). "These measures help guarantee that school districts, library systems and education programs can maintain their operations."

"These extenders will allow school districts and libraries to continue doing their day-to-day business in an efficient and effective manner, without fear of losing crucial funding resources," said Nolan (D-Queens).

The legislation also provides for other education-related extenders, such as permitting the state Education Department to continue current operational practices, authorizing school districts to maintain the existing accounting procedures and authorizing the Rochester City School District to purchase health services from BOCES.