June 21, 2011

Assembly Bill Tackles Sexual Harassment
In Hotels And Motels
Legislation Will Help Inform Hotel and Motel Employees About Their Rights Regarding Sexual Harassment

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assembly Member Linda B. Rosenthal announced the passage of a bill that would educate hotel and motel employees about their rights under law against sexual harassment (A.8195-A/Rosenthal).

"Hotel and motel employees are often left to work alone, leaving them vulnerable to acts of violence," said Silver (D-Manhattan). "This measure will help crack down on sexual harassment in hotels and motels. It will help prevent further victimization."

"Hotel and motel employees should not have to fear being sexually harassed at work or fear being penalized by their employers for reporting incidents of harassment," said Rosenthal (D-Manhattan). "Education, training and regulations are crucial in order to ensure that employees know their rights, what their recourses are and that management knows how to appropriately respond."

The bill would: