March 23, 2011

Extending and strengthening the rent laws that allow millions of New Yorkers to stay in their homes is a top priority for me, Housing Committee Chair Vito Lopez, and the majority of our conference, and I believe it should be included as part of the budget. As a recent report released by the Assembly documents, more than 10,000 rent-regulated apartments are lost in our city each year. We must act to save our threatened stock of affordable housing and protect working families from being priced out of their neighborhoods.

March 18, 2011

Dear Neighbor:

Our rent-regulation laws, which help protect families from sky-high rent increases, are set to expire on June 15. Two and a half million New Yorkers, including a million working families in New York City, could be on the verge of losing their homes. If we don't fight to keep housing affordable, middle-income families will be driven out of their neighborhoods and senior citizens will be forced to leave their apartments. It would be unconscionable to uproot hardworking New Yorkers - including our firefighters, police officers and teachers - who contribute to the unique character of our communities.

March 13, 2011

Silver: We Must Strengthen Rent Laws to Protect Working Families

NEW YORK -- Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assembly Housing Committee Chairman Vito Lopez were joined by members of the Assembly Majority, David R. Jones the President of the Community Service Society of New York, affordable housing advocates and rent-regulated tenants to release a groundbreaking new report documenting rent-stabilized housing’s critical role in protecting millions of working New Yorkers and the urgent need to extend rent-stabilization laws while closing the loopholes that are costing New York thousands of affordable apartments every year.

The report, The New Housing Emergency, revealed that more than 10,000 rent-regulated apartments are lost each year because of loopholes in the rent laws such as vacancy decontrol, individual apartment improvement and major capital improvement rent increases. The current rent laws are set to expire on June 15th. Silver, Lopez and Jones called for those laws to be extended and expanded.

"If we do not act quickly to extend our rent laws, millions of working New Yorkers could lose their homes," Speaker Silver said. "Merely continuing the current laws is not enough. We must close the loopholes identified in this report that cost our neighborhoods thousands of affordable homes each year and which threaten to turn New York into a city without a middle-class."

March 13, 2011
Rent Rally

March 12, 2011

Two-and-a-half million New Yorkers are on the brink of losing their homes. Unless we convince the state to act, come June 15th, laws that keep housing affordable for tenants in cities across our state will expire. Rents will be jacked up. Tenants will be evicted. Middle-class families will be uprooted from their communities. Allowing senior citizens to be driven from apartments where they have lived all of their lives is WRONG! Forcing hardworking families - our firefighters, police officers, teachers, construction and retail workers - out of the cities they serve, is an INSULT!