Mission Statement of the
Commission on Government Administration

Established in 1979, the Legislative Commission on Governmental Administration is charged with examining "specific methods for increasing economy, efficiency, effectiveness and accountability in state government." To this end, New York state government's organization, management, administration, operations, technologies, procedures, and practices will be considered by the Commission for the purpose of examining the feasibility of and making legislative recommendations for:

The Commission looks at how well the management systems of the state perform as well as how the state can be better organized to provide services in a more efficient, economical and effective manner, and makes legislative recommendations for improving policies and practices. Identifying opportunities for improving transparency and accountability in government operations is also part of the commission's responsibilities. The Commission's mission calls for looking across the operations and systems of all of state government rather than an agency by agency or program by program review. The Commission often looks for best practices in other states and their possible application in New York, and works with other Assembly standing committees and staff to develop its recommendations.

In past years, the Commission has contributed to several improvements in the administration and operations of New York state government. Some of the Commission's focus has been in the areas of financial management, budget process reform, procurement, information management, and capital planning and budgeting.

George Latimer
Member of Assembly
NYS Assembly
Commission on Government Administration