The NY State Assembly
Labor Committee

Catherine Nolan, Chair
April 2, 2001


The Assembly's Labor Committee met for the sixth time recently and acted on the following legislation. If you have any questions about these or other labor bills, please do not hesitate to contact Geri Reilly, Committee Counsel and Labor Liaison at (518) 455-4851.

  • A. 7207 (Nolan, Silver, Luster) - This omnibus bill entitled the "Farm Workers Fair Labor Practices Act" would remedy all outstanding inequities in the labor law regarding the treatment of farm workers. It addresses inequities in day of rest, overtime pay, state disability, workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, and the youth sub-minimum wage. REPORTED to Codes

  • A. 3346 (Boyland) - This bill would increase penalties for violations of the Public Employment Safety & Health Act to an amount up to $300, and defines the term "willful". REPORTED to Codes

  • A. 7200 (Destito) - This is a new bill which would preserve the rights of nursing mothers to express breast milk in appropriate surroundings and without fear of discrimination. REPORTED to Codes

  • A. 2831 (McEneny, Canestrari) - This bill would allow public employees who held non-tenured policy-making positions eligible for unemployment insurance if they had worked in government service. REPORTED to Ways & Means

  • A. 3163 (Magee, Nolan) - This bill would remove the working parents of farm owners from those individuals required to be covered by workers' compensation insurance. There is currently an exemption for children of farm owners. REPORTED to Ways & Means

  • A. 4730 (Ortiz, Nolan) - This bill provides penalties for those who arrange for the transportation of apparel made in violation of the labor law. REPORTED to Codes

  • A. 4138 (Hoyt, Conte, Schimminger) - This bill would allow state employees up to seven days paid leave for the purpose of undergoing bone marrow donation and thirty days paid leave for the purposes of organ donation. REPORTED to Ways & Means

  • A. 1516 (Kaufman, Nolan) - This bill would provide assistance for those applying for unemployment insurance assistance. REPORTED to Codes

  • A. 2896 (D'Andrea) - This bill would require recipients of unemployment insurance to perform public work for the number of hours equal to his or her benefit rate divided by his or her last hourly pay rate. HELD in Committee