Dear Friend,

This Legislative Session, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver appointed me as the new Chairman of the Assembly Legislative Commission on Science and Technology. I have directed the Commission to continue its work to promote policy and legislation fostering New York's economy. I will continue to advocate and provide support initiatives to stimulate technology-driven start-up companies, improve work force technology skills, and enhance both private and public sector research and development. I will also focus on how best to make every citizen, from the very youngest to the oldest scientifically and technologically literate so that they may fully participate in and enjoy the benefits of our increasing technologically driven society.

The Legislative Commission on Science and Technology was created 1979 in response to the increasing scientific and technological complexity of public policy issues facing the Legislature. The Commission routinely studies technical and scientific discoveries so that the opportunities and consequences of any new developments may be anticipated and made known to the Legislature in advance.

The Commission is dedicated to providing the Legislature and the public with up-to-date information on the complex technological and scientific issues facing our society today. The Commission carries out its work by conducting in-depth and short-term studies, providing quick answers to specific inquiries, holding hearings, conferences, and roundtable discussions, and developing legislation. Currently, the Commission is working to:

  • stimulate and nurture the State's numerous technology based industries and investigate the impact of science and technology on the economy, work force and education;

  • further scientific and technological literacy in students from pre-K through college and in the community at-large by developing legislation and supporting initiatives that promote science museums, science and math clubs, and other community-based educational ventures; and,

  • advance the development of alternative energy resources and other environmental technologies.

In order for the Commission to be the most effective, the needs of New York State citizens must be heard. It is with your help that it is possible for me to be a strong advocate for progressive public policy in the area of science and technology. Please feel free to contact me with concerns or suggestions at either my district or Albany offices or contact the Commission staff directly at: (518) 455-5081, e-mail, or NYS Assembly Commission on Science and Technology, Agency Building 4, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY 12248.

Assemblyman Darryl C. Towns' signature
Darryl C. Towns, Chairman
Legislative Commission on Science and Technology