Adirondack Community College
Regional Higher Education Center $278,000
Broome County Community College
Technology Building $5,000,000
Alms House Renovation $1,500,000
Columbia-Greene Community College
Rehabilitation and Improvement - Various Projects $950,000
Corning Community College
Renovations & Revitalization Ph. II $6,545,000
Alterations & Additions to Goff Rd. Facility $718,000
Duchess Community College
Hudson Hall Renovation $481,000
Campus Infrastructure $1,793,000
Washington Hall - Retaining Wall and Lab Exhaust $230,000
Miscellaneous Repairs $100,000
Browne Hall Renovations $300,000
Hudson Hall MEP $1,328,000
CBI Emergency Generator $254,000
Taconic Hall Addition and Renovations $3,000,000
Falcon Hall Improvements $100,000
Sitework Repairs and Modifications-Parking Lot B $200,000
Drumlin and Dutchess Renovation $467,000
Fashion Institute of Technology
Toy Design and Development Lab $150,000
C2 Building $74,000,000
Finger Lakes Community College
Auditorium and Performing Arts Facility $8,000,000
Geneva Expansion $6,000,000
Fulton Montgomery Community College
Upgrade to Waste Water Treatment Plant $211,000
Herkimer Community College
Library Additions & Renovations $25,000
Science Lab Updating and Remodeling $1,100,000
Hudson Valley Community College
New Parking Structure $7,800,000
Brahan Science Center and Related Building Renovations $27,200,000
Jamestown Community College
Facilities Mater Plan Update $70,000
Science Building and Facility Enhancements $6,000,000
Mohawk Valley Community College
Campus wide Improvements $2,700,000
Field House $5,500,000
Monroe Community College
Field House $6,450,000
ATEC/Building #9 $6,000,000
Nassau Community College
Road and Parking Paving $2,000,000
Window Replacement $600,000
Energy Savings Initiatives $3,000,000
Fire Alarms and Public Address System $2,100,000
New Performing Arts Building $20,800,000
Niagara County Community College
Construction of a New Culinary Arts Facility $6,600,000
Onondaga County Community College
Athletics Complex $16,500,000
Technology Improvements $891,000
Upgrade Biology Laboratories $1,350,000
Mawhinney Hall Renovation Phase III $2,059,000
Site Improvement $2,974,000
Relocate President's Suite $506,000
Prepare Program Study of Coulter Library $150,000
Construct New Academic/Administrative Building on East Quad $9,450,000
Campus-wide Energy Projects $338,000
Orange County Community College
Science, Engineering and Tech Center $19,450,000
Improvements to Classroom Facilities $1,000,000
Rockland Community College
Multi-purpose Language Lab $300,000
Master Plan Update $63,000
Academic II Building $250,000
Art Gallery and Art Studio Cultural Arts Center $100,000
Day Care Center $250,000
Building Energy Conservation $500,000
Elevators Rehabilitation $900,000
Library Roof Replacement $550,000
Cultural Arts Center Roof Replacement $368,000
Field House Resurface $200,000
Campus Site Improvements $200,000
Tennis Court Resurface $38,000
Swimming Pool Repairs $125,000
Boiler Equipment Upgrade $150,000
Cultural Arts Center HVAC $75,000
Parking Lot and Road Repairs $625,000
Academic I Roof Replacement $250,000
Field House Roof Replacement $500,000
Library Improvements and Renovations $5,000,000
Field House Interior and Exterior Improvements $900,000
Installation of Emergency Notification System $200,000
Special Projects $150,000
Schenectady County Community College
Building Renovations $1,205,000
Athletics Field Relocation $425,000
Infrastructure Improvements $591,000
Athletic Field Access/Roadways $126,000
Building Renovations $573,000
HVAC Upgrades $787,000
Building Renovations $325,000
HVAC Upgrades $698,000
Infrastructure Improvements $1,301,000
Landscaping $250,000
HVAC Upgrades $687,000
Infrastructure Improvements $1,208,000
Building Renovations $691,000
Athletic Field Enhancements $923,000
Infrastructure Improvements $517,000
Public Safety/ Business Center $11,900,000
Campus Connecting Walkway $2,350,000
Building Renovations $2,112,000
Property Acquisition $125,000
Gateway Building Addition $850,000
Property Acquisition $125,000
Property Acquisition $125,000
Parking Garage $11,400,000
Suffolk County Community College
Fire Sprinkler Infrastructure $37,000
Reconstruction of Central Plaza $375,000
Renovations to Sagikos Building $3,050,000
Health and Science Facilities Easter Campus $8,875,000
Learning Resource Center-Grant Campus $6,200,000
Air Conditioning College-Wide $3,775,000
Sullivan County Community College
Center for Advanced Science & Technology/Green Building Initiative $7,500,000
Renovations for Instructional Programs $125,000
Center for Advanced Science and Technology $3,000,000
Complete Mainframe Computer Upgrade $1,200,000
Safety Equipment across the Campus $400,000
Replacement of Roofs on Three Classroom Buildings $1,125,000
Upgrade of Current Computer Labs $500,000
Ulster County Community College
Improvements to Classroom Facilities $1,000,000
Facilities Master Plan Phase I Update $420,000
Westchester Community College
Air Conditioning and CFC $122,000
Physical Education Field Improvements $1,433,000
Physical Education Building Renovations $2,098,000
Health Science Building Renovations $1,087,000
Administration Building Renovations $1,274,000
Technology Improvements $1,351,000