Lancman Sponsors Second Annual Occupational Health Awareness Week in Assembly

Assemblyman Lancman on the Assembly floor with the delegation from the Occupational Health Clinics Network in Albany and Father Frank O'Connor of Albany

Assemblyman Lancman was honored today to announce the commencement of Occupational Health Awareness Week and to introduce a delegation from the New York State Occupational Health Clinics Network on the Assembly floor. Occupational Health Awareness (OHA) Week is an annual state event which recognizes the efforts being made to reduce workplace injury and illness. Father Frank O'Connor of Albany led a prayer to commence the legislative session which recognized the importance of the week and its effort to keep all workers safe and healthy, and Assemblyman Lancman introduced a resolution establishing OHA week, which passed unanimously in the Assembly.

"Occupational Health Awareness Week sheds light on the workplace hazards that kill an average of 12 people a day in the United States and encourages employees, businesses and government to work together to prevent future devastating incidents from occurring," said Assemblyman Rory Lancman, Chair of the NYS Assembly Subcommittee on Workplace Safety.