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Sheldon Silver
Francine DelMonte
May 23, 2008

New York State Assembly

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NSF Finds State Agencies Spent $1.1B for R&D in FY 2006  In its first state R&D survey since 1998, the National Science Foundation (NSF) finds 252 different state agencies across the country directly supported R&D and R&D facilities totaling $1.1 billion in fiscal year 2006. The survey was conducted for NSF by the U.S. Census Bureau. California, Florida, Michigan, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania were the only states to exceed $40 million each in spending. Combined, the six states accounted for 49 percent of the total. New York ranked 3rd with $103.6 million.

Full Issue Brief Source: SSTI Weekly Digest at digest.ssti.org

$199,000 into Marcy nano project  The National Science Foundation has awarded a $199,000 grant to fund a joint SUNYIT-MVCC nanotechnology project. The project, "Instructional Laboratory for Visualization and Manipulation of Nanoscale Components for Engineering Technology Students," is under the direction of Salahuddin Qazi, professor of electrical engineering technology at SUNYIT, and Robert C. Decker, associate professor of electrical engineering technology at Mohawk Valley Community College. The grant will be used to purchase specialized equipment that will be housed in existing laboratories on both campuses.

Full Story Source: romesentinel.com

Study casts doubt on 'nanotube' use  Strong, versatile little "nanotubes" made out of carbon are considered future stars in nanotechnology research in medicine and industry. Now a study finds that longer threads of the stuff mimic the toxic qualities of asbestos, renewing questions about how carbon nanotubes can be used safely. Researchers with British institutes and the U.S.-based Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies injected mice with asbestos and with commercial samples of carbon nanotubes of varying sizes. When they examined the lining of the rodents' abdominal cavities, the researchers observed that longer nanotubes behaved like asbestos, provoking inflammation and lesions.

Full Story Source: timesunion.com

Eclectic high-tech firm is expanding  When a locally based engineering and software company saw its manufacturing partners leaving Western New York, it seized an opportunity for innovation. Applied Sciences Group Inc. focuses on three major areas: programming factory machinery, coordinating energy management in department stores, and creating high-technology solutions.

Full Story Source: buffalonews.com

C8 researchers seek more data for health study  Scientists researching whether a chemical used to make the nonstick product Teflon is a health risk are seeking 40,000 new interviews with residents who consumed water containing traces of the chemical. A panel of researchers made the announcement Tuesday, days after it determined a preliminary analysis by West Virginia University researchers was inadequate to draw conclusions about the chemical C8. The panel hopes the interviews - which will touch on participants' medical history - will provide some of the strongest available evidence as to whether C8 is linked to any disease.

Full Story Source: forbes.com

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