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Francine DelMonte

June 15, 2009

New York State

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Universities' Research and Development is vital.   With the global recession nowhere near its end and finances sure to be tight for some time to come, business people will have to look outside their own buildings for knowledge they don't have and can no longer afford to develop in-house.

Source:  buffalonews.com

An Ithaca-based company has received a $99,928 grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a way to quickly test beaches and other recreational water bodies for dangerous contamination.  The company, Rheonix, will partner with the Erie County Public Health Laboratory in Buffalo and the Suffolk County Department of Health on Long Island on the prototype using samples of fresh and ocean water.

Source:  ithacajournal.com

IBM Breaks Ground at Syracuse Data Center.  IBM recently announced it has broken ground at its new energy efficient data center at Syracuse University that is expected to use 50 percent less energy than the average data center. The company is partnering with Syracuse University to build the $12.4 million, 6,000-square-foot data center.

Source:  Web Host Industry Review

Science is being reinvented at Brookhaven National Laboratory.   Laboratories, like many cultural institutions, periodically have to reinvent themselves to stay vital. New discoveries and social needs constantly threaten to render labs that stick to the same path obsolete. One remarkable reinvention is being commemorated when Brookhaven National Laboratory celebrates the start of construction of a new energy research facility, the $1 billion National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II).

Source:  Newsday.com

GE opens $165 million digital mammography production facility that will employ 150 people.   GE Healthcare recently opened its $165 million digital mammography production plant, showing off a "clean room" that occupies 1.25 acres, and design features that will save energy and minimize environmental impact. The new plant, at Rensselaer Technology Park in North Greenbush, will produce the detectors that are at the heart of the company's digital X-ray mammography equipment.

Source:  timesunion.com