Assemblywoman Russell: Assembly Acts to Repeal New License Plate Plan

November 16, 2009
North Country residents have had their voices heard in Albany as evidenced by the unanimous decision to cancel the proposed license plate replacement plan. I am pleased that the advocacy surrounding this issue has been successful. We in the North Country rely heavily on our vehicles, usually having more than one to register. The replacement plan would have burdened us substantially and really hurt our small businesses that have vehicle fleets.

I hope that other measures such as the floor tax on wine and liquor that has hurt our small businesses will be reconsidered and that looking forward to the 2010 budget we stay away from these onerous measures.

I have been a vocal advocate against any measures that disproportionately affect North Country families and have proposed strategies such as shrinking the overall size of government, changing the way we purchase items such as computers and software to save money, and giving mandate relief to local governments and school districts, so that we do not merely shift the tax burden for programs from the state to property tax payers.

I will continue to try to persuade my colleagues in the Legislature to get away from these hidden taxes on our working families and insist that we live within our means.