Assemblywoman Russell Reacts to Massena GM Plant Closing

January 23, 2009

Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell (D-Theresa) reacted to news today that the Massena GM plant will be permanently idled on January 26th.

Ms. Russell was briefed earlier today by GM representatives of this development. The plant was already idled temporarily in December, but is now slated for a permanent idle status. Approximately 46 employees, who were laid off at that time, will now be permanently laid off. Pursuant to the UAW contract, employees have been continually receiving assistance, according to GM.

“I am very concerned about this development, particularly at a time when the national economy is pushing our unemployment numbers to record levels in St. Lawrence County and throughout the North Country,” said Ms. Russell.

Ms. Russell emphasized the benefit and value of having GM reopen its operations in the future, telling officials that she will continue to advocate for the plant, especially as new energy technologies are expected to be implemented for new vehicles. “Our research institutions are already working on cutting edge technologies so I discussed the potential of new partnerships emerging in our area between our colleges and universities and private industry like GM and others.”

For those employees who have remained I extend my assistance to you and your family. Please call my office if we can assist you in any way.”