Assemblywoman Russell Receives Committee Assignments

February 5, 2009

Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell (D-Watertown) announced she will serve on the Assembly committees on Agriculture; Economic Development; Veterans’ Affairs; Local Government; Corporations, Authorities and Commissions; and Banks. She said these assignments will help her deliver results for North Country families, businesses, veterans, farmers and municipalities.

“Membership to this wide array of important committees will allow me to work closely on the issues that matter most to the people of the 118th Assembly District,” Assemblywoman Russell said. “Many of the committees I have been appointed to in the Assembly deal with my top priorities for the North Country. I will work to ensure we are strongly represented.”

Russell said she looks forward to working with Senator Darrel Aubertine, chair of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, on important issues concerning North Country farmers.

“Throughout the North Country’s history, agriculture has been a cornerstone of our economy,” Russell said. “This committee assignment will help me fight for our local dairy and produce farmers and promote the practice of agriculture in alternative energy production, lessening our dependence on foreign oil.”

Russell will also work to spur economic development in the North Country, she said, adding that the region’s vast natural resources create a perfect environment to rebound from these trying economic times through agricultural tourism and energy-based industry. She added that with strong leadership, values and planning, the North Country will attract the good-paying jobs it sorely needs.

In addition, Russell will serve on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee. She said she will fight for Fort Drum, veterans and military families to ensure our service men and women are protected.

“We owe our freedom to our soldiers and veterans – individuals who served our country so proudly,” Russell said. “Now, many of them need us to go to bat for them. I will fight tooth and nail so they get the recognition and benefits they deserve.”

The 118th Assembly District is home to 20 towns and two cities, giving Russell the opportunity to aid many local municipalities in their fight for lower property taxes, consolidation of services and increased state aid with her appointment to the Local Government Committee.

Russell said her membership to the Corporations, Authorities, and Commissions Committee will also help her search for waste and mismanagement among all North Country corporations and authorities – helping to save countless taxpayers dollars.

“The North Country is home to one of the state’s largest power producers – the Moses Saunders Hydropower plant – which is operated by the New York Power Authority, a public utility owned by New York State.” Russell said. “The hydroelectric facility operates on the St. Lawrence River and is a key factor in the distribution of cheaper, cleaner power. I will work to ensure we enter a new age of transparency and accountability with our public authorities and their stewardship of the energy industry.”

As a member of the Banks Committee, Russell said she would help curb the mortgage foreclosures destroying our communities and forcing homeowners out of the neighborhoods many of them have called home for years.

“Being on this committee will allow me to better assist North Country homeowners and businesses, and protect consumers from deceptive loan practices,” Russell said. “These committee memberships will help me be a stronger advocate for North Country families.”