Assemblywoman Russell’s Tax Repeal Clears Fiscal Committee

Bill clears major hurdle in passing committee in charge of state’s tax and finance
June 8, 2009

Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell (D-Theresa) announced the legislation she sponsored that would repeal the costly “floor tax” imposed on wholesalers, retailers, taverns, restaurants and other store owners who sell beer and wine passed out of the Assembly’s Ways and Means committee today (A.08576). The measure would also refund taxes paid upon application by those who already complied with the floor tax and paid their bill ahead of the July 20 deadline.

“I am very pleased to see Ways and Means swift action on this bill,” Assemblywoman Russell said. “I will continue to work with local small businesses and my colleagues to draw support. I will fight to pass this legislation before the end of session, so we can put our small business owners’ minds at ease as the looming deadline approaches.”

Since the bill’s introduction, 20 members have signed on to co-sponsor or multi-sponsor the measure from both the Democratic and Republican conference.

“I am happy to see bipartisan support on this bill that passed out of the Ways and Means Committee unanimously,” Assemblywoman Russell said. “My colleagues on both sides of the aisle understand that taxing small businesses twice is just wrong, and will in no way help the state recover from its budget deficit or recover from this current economic recession.”

Assemblywoman Russell is continuing to circulate her anti-floor tax petition to local restaurants, taverns, breweries, wineries and liquor stores to give small business owners the opportunity to band together and show their concerns about or opposition to the tax. Customers or any interested parties may sign the petition on site, and they may also request a petition from either of Assemblywoman Russell’s district offices.

To request a petition, write to or contact:

Jefferson County District Office
Dulles State Office Building
317 Washington St., Suite 210
Watertown, NY 13601
(315) 786-0284

St. Lawrence County District Office
70 Main St., Suite One
Canton, NY 13617
(315) 386-2037