Tax Repeal Deadline Approaches, Senate Not Scheduled to Convene

Russell disappointed Senate did not take up ‘Floor Tax’ repeal
July 17, 2009

Legislation that passed the Assembly sponsored by Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell (D-Theresa) that would repeal the costly “floor tax” imposed on wholesalers, retailers, taverns, restaurants and other store owners who sell beer and wine was not taken up in the Senate, leaving only one potential session day left before the July 20 deadline, with no session scheduled (A.8576). The bill was sponsored in the Senate by Senator Griffo (S.6096).

Assemblywoman Russell has been working with local business owners, chamber of commerce members, colleagues and citizens to repeal the floor tax. She launched a petition writing campaign to show support for the repeal and cleared a huge hurdle on June 22 when the legislation she sponsored to repeal the tax passed the Assembly.

“There was a clear outcry from the public who wished to see this tax repealed,” Assemblywoman Russell said. I want to thank the all numerous small business owners who worked with me to bring this issue to light. I also want to thank the hundreds of people who signed my petition. Senator Griffo should also be commended for stepping up to sponsor this legislation in the Senate.”

Assemblywoman Russell is now determining if the bill needs to be amended in order to allow for a refund of the floor tax to all affected businesses after the July 20th tax deadline passes. “Our fight is not over. If we in the legislature value our small businesses, we should work to put those dollars back in their pockets even if is through a refund later on.”