Assemblywoman Russell Secures Funding for Local Libraries

October 13, 2009

Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell, who represents the 118th district, is a very strong supporter of local libraries.

Assemblywoman Russell said, “Libraries are essential institutions in our communities. They support self-education and life-long learning and provide access for a variety of information to all. Libraries are leaders in adapting to the needs of our society. They provide year round services that promote creative and critical thinking, especially for our children.

In March the Assemblywoman announced that the state had awarded more than $200,000 for infrastructure improvements to libraries throughout the North Country under the 2009-09 Public Library Grant Award initiative.

Last week the Assemblywoman delivered additional funding she secured through her legislative initiative.

The Assemblywoman provided the Potsdam Library $3,500 to further fund the Fredrick Cleveland Center. The Cleveland Center promotes adult literacy and provides space for many other public and not-for-profit entities that use libraries as a point of contact for their programs.

Mrs. Russell also presented a check to the Norwood Library for $6,000 to assist in the construction of the new entrance to the facility to make it more accessible to the community.

Assemblywoman Russell said, “This funding will not only assist libraries in improving their services, but it will also help already struggling local governments and taxpayers, who would otherwise be asked to help fund the projects. Investing in our libraries is a wise investment in our future.”