Assemblywoman Russell Presents Additional Aid to Area Food Pantries

October 15, 2009

During the budget session in Albany last winter Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell secured some individual initiative items for area food pantries. She said, The food pantries in our region are important to many families and I am pleased to be able to assist them. It has been my focus to deliver small grants to organizations who deliver vital services directly to people.

Assemblywoman Russell referred to a U.S. Department of Agriculture study that concluded more than two million New Yorkers, 11% of the population, do not always have enough money to meet their basic nutritional needs.

Mrs. Russell presented a $2,500 check to the LaFargeville Food Pantry. Donna Chatterton, the volunteer administrator, and Gwen Kirkby the founder received the check.

The Assemblywoman delivered a similar check to Elizabeth Lynch, administrator of the Antwerp Pantry. Melinda Gault Executive Director of the Community Action Planning Council and David Garza, Development Director of the Food Bank of Central NY also were present. Mr. Garza stated that, The three county region of Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties has seen a 25% increase in food bank deliveries this year. Mrs. Lynch confirmed the increase by stating that she is seeing many new faces at the Antwerp location. Melinda Gault added that some of the pantries in the region have noted 50% increases in usage.

Assemblywoman Russell concluded that, Ive always been supportive of food pantries and Im pleased that I was able to further assist some of them with individual member items.