Assemblywoman Russell: In-state students deserve a break

In-state students shoulder burden while out-of-state students enjoy below average tuition costs
November 18, 2009

“After the recent Comptroller report on out-of-state tuition costs for SUNY schools I am disappointed that the SUNY Board of Trustees would propose a 2% across the board tuition hike instead of proposing an increase to out-of-state students. Earlier this year, State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli released a report that found that compared to 29 other public schools in 19 states, SUNY out-of-state tuition is $8,463 less than the average out-of-state tuition for these schools. In addition, the report said tuition increases for in-state SUNY students rose 231 percent between 1990 and 2009, while out-of-state tuition ONLY increased 165 percent. I think it would make more sense to protect New York’s working families from any further tuition increases and instead make sure that out-of-state students pay their fair share.

“Why does the SUNY Board of Trustees feel it is necessary to raise tuition on our in-state students while out-of-state students enjoy well below average tuition costs? SUNY enrollments are currently at record levels. During these tough economic times, students are realizing the value of the top-notch education and affordable tuition rates at our SUNY institutions. To increase in-state tuition will only discourage students from staying in New York for their higher education and thereafter. I will not even consider any more in-state tuition increases until we raise out-of-state tuition significantly.”