Assemblywoman Russell: Local Libraries to Receive State Funding For Needed Improvements

March 9, 2010

Assemblywoman Addie J. Russell (D-Theresa) announced that the state has awarded more than $85,000 for infrastructure improvements to libraries throughout the North Country under the 2009-10 Public Library Grant Award initiative.

“Usage in our libraries is up during this current recession,” Russell said. “More and more families are taking advantage of the services offered at our local libraries because they are a free, family friendly, educational and recreational resource.”

The awards include:

  • $43,800 to the Ogdensburg Public Library for the replacement and reconstruction of a part of the roof and rehabilitation of 2 chimneys;
  • $20,800 to the Bodman Memorial Library for the construction of a new ADA-compliant ramp, bathroom and door, as well as a larger children’s area and new teen area;
  • $13,750 to the Potsdam Public Library for the replacement of part of the roof; and
  • $7,300 to the Canton Free Library for the replacement of the roof, replacement of windows and installation of a new front door.

Stephen B. Bolton, director of the North Country Library System, said: “With libraries facing a possible fifth cut in state aid in two years, the availability of funds for construction are essential. On behalf of the Bodman Memorial Library of Philadelphia, The Canton Free Library, the Ogdensburg Public Library, and the Potsdam Public Library, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Assemblywoman Russell not only for these grants, but for her sincere support of public libraries.”

“These funds will avert our already cash-strapped local governments having to foot the bill, helping save tax payers money,” Russell said. “These repairs are necessary and vital to the continuation of the services our local libraries provide.”