Education Budget Provides Property Tax Relief; Maintains Quality Affordable Higher Education

June 28, 2010

“Investments in education will provide a sound footing for us to grow our way out of this current recession. The final budget restores over $6.6 million to local school districts that will be used directly to provide property tax relief, avert layoffs and restore vital programs. We must maintain our standard of education without balancing the budget on the backs of working families. The final budget meets this need.

“The higher education budget restores $570,000 to Jefferson Community College that will relieve Jefferson County’s share, allowing for local property tax relief. The final budget also rejects the governors proposal to allow SUNY unchecked ability to raise their own tuition. In addition, we restored $23.6 million to TAP so college can remain affordable to all those looking to advance their education. Continuing to allow our local higher educational facilities to remain affordable will retain and draw students looking to take advantage of our tremendous programs. This will only increase our already valuable workforce which is a huge draw to potential businesses, especially in the area of green jobs.”

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