Russell: Legislation Will Allow Seniors and Veterans with Disabilities to Continue to Bow-Hunt

June 30, 2010

Assemblywoman Russell (D-Theresa) announced the passage of legislation in the Assembly she co-sponsored that lays the groundwork for legalized crossbow hunting in New York State (A.924-E). Current law only allows crossbow hunting with many restrictions for certain physically disabled hunters.

"Our seniors and veterans with disabilities who spend their lifetimes bow hunting should not be restricted from their pastime because they are no longer physically able to pull a long bow," Russell said, "Crossbows are lighter and less restrictive and are not as difficult to fire. If we have the tools to allow these people to continue bow hunting, then we should allow them to take advantage of it."

The legislation requires acceptable crossbows to use 14-inch and longer arrows and must include a working safety lock. The bill would also empower the state Department of Environmental Conservation to establish a crossbow hunting season to coincide with rifle hunting season and allow crossbow use on private property where permitted during any deer hunting season.

Another measure that removes restrictions on sportsmen passed the Assembly earlier this year and allows for the transfer of a lifetime license for hunting, fishing and trapping if the purchaser passes away during the first year of purchase, or when an active member of the United states Armed forces dies in combat (A.11312).

"Removing these restrictions on license transfer will allow family members to carry on the pastime of their loved one," Russell said.

Both bills have passed the Assembly and Senate are now await the Governor's approval.