Raia to Perform Dual Role with Appointment to Banks Committee

Assemblyman to serve as ranking minority member of prestigious committee while continuing to serve as ranking minority member on Aging Committee
February 22, 2006

Assemblyman Andrew Raia (R,C,I,WF-East Northport) has been appointed to serve as the ranking minority member on the Assembly Banks Committee.

“New York is the financial capital of the United States and one of the great financial centers of the world. It is an honor to serve on such a powerful committee,” said Raia.

Responsibility for reviewing and initiating legislation governing financial institutions operating in the state or whose actions affect New York rests with the Banks Committee.

“I am also pleased that I will maintain my position as ranking minority member on the Aging Committee and remain committed to help ease the burden that skyrocketing property taxes place on Long Island seniors,” said Raia.

In addition to serving as the ranking minority member on the Aging and Banking Committee, Raia holds memberships on the Housing, Social Services and Local Government committees.

In 2005, the Assembly Banks Committee centered most of its attention on bank operations and consumer services. Legislation was passed designating bank development districts, and other key legislation centered on financial account inactivity, helping Holocaust victims settle unresolved financial claims and military-related issues.

“I am eager to begin work with my colleagues on the Banks Committee on such challenging issues as bank operations, identity theft and other consumer-oriented measures,” said Raia.