Raia Encouraged by Spitzerís State of the State Address

January 8, 2007

ďAs we head into an era with great expectations for change and reform under Governor Spitzer, I remain optimistic. Spitzerís objectives of government reform, a $6 billion property tax relief plan, creation of a more business-friendly climate, and cuts in spending are issues that the Assembly Minority Conference and I have touted for years. I hope to partner with the governor to accomplish these goals, and pass these initiatives in the Assembly.

Most notably for the 9th Assembly district, Governor Spitzer remains committed to reducing property taxes and providing schools with the necessary investment, reform and accountability that our state desperately needs. This is great news for our community, as we urgently need to stop taxing our families, seniors, and young people, who are leaving Long Island to move elsewhere.

Further change is desperately needed in Albany and the governorís State of the State speech was a breath of fresh air. I look forward to working with Governor Spitzer to accomplish our mutual goals and usher in a new era of opportunity and prosperity for New York state and Long Island,Ē said Raia.