Raia: District Office Internship Opportunities Available For College and High School Students

January 9, 2007

For over 30 years the Assembly has provided an opportunity for college students to participate in our session intern program in Albany. The program provides opportunities for students to learn about New York’s government process first hand.

“I strongly encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity. The internship is a great way to learn first hand about the legislative process and get involved in our community,” said Raia. “I will be providing the opportunity for local high school and college students to intern in my district office.”

Raia noted that he was a participant in the New York State Assembly Internship Program and that it was an invaluable asset in his journey to becoming an elected official.

The local intern program will be subject to the same educational and professional guidelines as that of our Albany offices, the local internship program is modified to fit the program of study provided by the department head or chair. All participants will be held to the educational standards and requirements of their school. Participating students receive valuable, practical experience in New York’s governmental process in an environment that respects academic freedom and rewards educational achievement.

If you or any students you know might be interested in participating in the internship program, please contact my district office at (631) 261-4151.