Raia, Assembly Minority Unveil Plan to Honor “Rosie the Riveter”

To thank women who went to work when the men went to serve during WWII
January 24, 2007

The Long Island Assembly minority delegation unveiled a plan to honor the women who worked during WWII in positions vacated by the men needed on the front lines in Europe and the Pacific. The women will be presented with a “Rosie the Riveter” Award.

This program is similar to “Operation Recognition,” which awarded diplomas to veterans of WWII, Korea or Vietnam who did not receive them as a result of leaving high school to serve prior to graduation. The Long Island Assembly minority delegation wants to award Special Certificates that recognize and pay proper tribute to these hard working, patriotic women whose sacrifice helped support wartime production and service men and women around the world.

“When it was vital to keep wartime production levels up, women of this nation filled the job vacancies created by men who were called into military service,” said Raia. “They are very deserving of the recognition.”

For more information, or if you know of someone who was a “Rosie,” please contact Assemblyman Raia’s district office by calling 261-4151.