Governor’s State of the State Address

A Statement from Assemblyman Andrew Raia
January 9, 2008

In Gov. Spitzer’s second State of the State Address, the governor had a perfect opportunity to chart a safer, stronger, smarter course for New York state. Instead, he chose to travel the road that has been traveled too often when it comes to New York State politics – a road that leads to gridlock, partisanship and, eventually, a crisis.

We all know what the problems are – New York taxes too much, spends too much and reforms too little. You don’t need fiscal experts to realize that if we’re going to revive our economy, the state needs to stop overtaxing, over regulating, overburdening hard-working New Yorkers – in other words, the middle class.

During this Legislative Session, I will work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to not only ease the tax burden on middle class residents by being vigilant in ensuring Long Island receives its fair share in state aid but also that Long Island schools receive an increase in aid that will give our teachers the necessary tools to educate our children.