Statement From Andrew Raia On The Deficit Reduction Plan

A tainted bill drafted for political purposes, says lawmaker
February 4, 2009

“During a time of rising unemployment and tightening consumer-credit markets, this deficit reduction plan (DRP) disproportionately affects hardworking Long Islanders,” said Assemblyman Andrew Raia (R,I,C-East Northport). “With its combination of fuzzy deficit math, questionable budget slashes and backroom deal-making, the DRP makes one thing crystal clear: the entirety of state government is now being run out of New York City.

Indeed, Albany insiders and their supporters have cut program after program essential to the health, safety and quality of life to every resident of the 9th Assembly District without lifting one finger to reform the way business is done in the state capital. This is shameful. Instead of cutting government waste and inefficiencies in the system, the state continues to mortgage our children’s future by stealing money from important programs in order to funnel it to others as well as deepening New York’s debt to bankroll politically-connected special interests. The DRP is DOA when it comes to transparency and effectiveness.”