Raia: State Sales Tax Exemption Returns

April 1, 2011

Assemblyman Andrew Raia (R,I,C – East Northport) announced the return of New York State’s sales tax exemption on clothing and footwear sold for less than $55. The 4% sales tax exemption is effective starting today and will expand to items sold for $110 beginning April 1, 2012.

“During last year’s budget season, I voted against the measure that ended the sales tax exemption for clothing and shoes under $110 because I felt it would impact our already over-taxed citizens,” said Raia. “I’m pleased to announce that starting today there will be an exemption of the 4% state sales tax under $55 until March 31, 2012. This exemption will help struggling taxpayers to provide necessary clothing and footwear for their families and, in turn, help small businesses thrive in a difficult economy.”

For more information, please visit the Department of Taxation and Finance’s website at www.tax.ny.gov. For any other legislative questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Assemblyman Raia’s office at 631-261-4151.