Raia: Time To Enact Major Reform

April 6, 2011

Now that the budget has been passed, Assemblyman Andrew Raia (R,I,C – East Northport) is calling on the Assembly to start working to address the important issues that were left out of the final budget proposal. These include implementing major ethics reform, redesigning the state Medicaid system, as well as enacting a property tax reform and meaningful mandate relief for local schools and government.

“We have been asking our taxpayers, schools and local governments to tighten their belts and share the sacrifice as we deal with the current economic downturn. Now, we need to go beyond rhetoric and provide them with the relief they have been promised to help them live within their means,” Raia said. “The budget has passed. It’s time to bring these unaddressed issues to the table; we cannot ignore them any longer.”

Although these hot button issues such as mandate relief, redesigning the Medicaid system, ethics reform and property tax reform have been at the forefront of discussions long before January, the budget failed to contain any measures to help alleviate the burdensome level of taxes on localities and taxpayers.

“Regardless of an on-time budget, without providing tax relief and other reforms that bring down the costs on businesses and families, it is quite possible that they will continue their mass exodus out of New York State,” Raia said. “Instead of producing more distractions the Assembly Majority must work with the rest of the legislature to cut the high taxes and red tape which are suffocating taxpayers and small businesses.”