Raia: Funeral Bills To Ensure Privacy And Respect

June 6, 2011

As a co-sponsor for both funeral bills (A.7697 & A.7698), Assemblyman Andrew Raia (R,I,C – East Northport) is applauding his fellow colleagues for voting to restore privacy and respect to funerals and memorial services. These bills were drafted in response to the increase in protests during military funerals and memorial services.

“Our servicemen and women are putting their life on the line to protect our freedom,” said Raia. “Our fallen heroes should be buried undisturbed with honor and dignity.”

Both bills pertain to demonstrations in the vicinity of a funeral or memorial service. Bill number A.7697 will allow municipalities to create a permit system for demonstrations that will be held near a memorial and funeral service. Bill number A.7698 will increase a buffer zone limiting how close protesters can hold a demonstration during a funeral or memorial service.

“By passing both these bills we have ensured that fallen heroes and their families will be given the privacy and respect they deserve during mourning,” said Raia. “I believe that both bills maintain a balance that respects both parties. I hope that this will bring much-needed relief to mourning families and also show that a person’s right to protest is protected as well.”