Raia On Animal-Fight Criminal Rings: Lock The Beasts Up

June 21, 2011

Assemblyman Andrew Raia (R,I,C – East Northport) today announced the recent passage of his co-sponsored legislation to increase criminal penalties on those who support animal-fighting events.

“I am a strong advocate for animal rights,” said Raia. “Illegal animal fighting has increased in recent years, and it’s very important that we step in and take action against such heinous acts of animal cruelty. With my legislation we can now take the ‘fight’ to those who would abuse innocent animals for sport.”

Raia’s measure would increase the penalty from a violation to a class B misdemeanor for spectators who attend an animal-fight event knowingly.

“I hope that my legislation will send a message to those people who derive amusement from another living creature’s pain,” said Raia. “Animal cruelty will not be tolerated in New York State – and there should be harsh punishments for the people who ignore our laws.”