Tax Cuts For Long Island’s Middle Class A Step In The Right Direction

A statement from Assemblyman Andrew Raia (R,I,C – East Northport)
December 8, 2011

Today, my vote was for a more fair tax code, the end to a job-killing mandate, job creation, and a boost to our lackluster economy. While not perfect, the legislation is a step in the right direction.

Reducing the MTA payroll tax for small businesses and exempting private, public and parochial schools is a step forward, but we must put more thought into repealing the tax completely. The MTA needs to streamline its services, find efficiencies and stop looking to Albany to resolve its financial mismanagement.

The current tax code wasn’t making the grade. Under the new rate structure, every middle-class family will see a reduction in their taxes, which will bring much-needed relief to their wallets (left: 2009-2011 | right: 2012-2014).

In addition, the $1 billion job creating investment, the New York Works Agenda, will help put New Yorkers back to work while rebuilding our infrastructure throughout the state.

I applaud Governor Cuomo, the leadership and my colleagues for quickly putting together a bipartisan deal that works for both sides of the aisle and ultimately for our taxpayers throughout this state.